Sport Fish Colorado stands as the gateway to unparalleled angling adventures, with a special focus on the exhilarating pursuit of Kokanee salmon in the renowned waters of Blue Mesa Reservoir. Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the Blue Mesa Reservoir not only offers exceptional fishing opportunities but also boasts a rich history and breathtaking scenery that captivates anglers from around the world.

Exploring Blue Mesa Reservoir:

As the largest body of water in Colorado, the Blue Mesa Reservoir spans over 20 miles in length and boasts a surface area of approximately 9,000 acres when full. Formed by the construction of the Blue Mesa Dam on the Gunnison River, this expansive reservoir is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, abundant aquatic life, and stunning mountain vistas. Its diverse shoreline, encompassing rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and dense forests, provides a picturesque backdrop for anglers seeking the ultimate Kokanee fishing experience.

A Brief History of Blue Mesa:

Named for the distinctive blue hue of its waters, the Blue Mesa Reservoir holds a significant place in Colorado’s history and ecosystem. Constructed in the 1960s as part of the Colorado River Storage Project, the reservoir serves multiple purposes, including flood control, irrigation, and hydroelectric power generation. Over the years, it has also become a recreational haven, attracting outdoor enthusiasts with its world-class fishing, boating, camping, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Thrill of Blue Mesa Kokanee Fishing:

Blue Mesa Reservoir is renowned for its prolific Kokanee salmon fishery, offering anglers the chance to hook into these prized game fish throughout the year. Kokanee, a landlocked variant of the sockeye salmon, are known for their vibrant red coloration, acrobatic leaps, and fierce fighting spirit. During the summer and fall months, Kokanee migrate to the reservoir’s shallower waters to spawn, presenting anglers with prime opportunities to target these spirited fish using a variety of techniques, including trolling, jigging, and fly fishing.

Sport Fish Colorado’s Unmatched Expertise:

At Sport Fish Colorado, we specialize in providing anglers with unforgettable Kokanee fishing experiences on the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Our team of experienced guides possesses intimate knowledge of the reservoir’s topography, seasonal patterns, and Kokanee behavior, ensuring that every outing is both productive and enjoyable. Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned pro, we cater to all skill levels, offering personalized instruction, top-of-the-line equipment, and unparalleled service to maximize your chances of success.

Preserving Blue Mesa’s Natural Heritage:

As stewards of Colorado’s natural resources, Sport Fish Colorado is committed to practicing responsible angling and promoting the conservation of Blue Mesa’s aquatic ecosystems. We adhere to strict catch-and-release guidelines, participate in scientific research initiatives, and advocate for sustainable management practices to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the reservoir and its resident fish populations.


Embark on a Blue Mesa adventure with Sport Fish Colorado and discover the thrill of Kokanee fishing in one of Colorado’s most iconic reservoirs. Whether you’re drawn by the challenge of landing trophy-sized salmon or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, our expert guides, world-class fishing opportunities, and dedication to conservation guarantee an unforgettable experience. Book your Kokanee fishing excursion with Sport Fish Colorado today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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