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7-28-2010 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: The trolling bite is still HOT!!

There are still lots of opportunities to catch nice four year old kokanee salmon on Blue Mesa! The fish are fairly scattered between 35-70 feet of water, but there are hot depths with consistent activity. Water temps are hovering around seventy degrees. Lake fork, Elk Creek, and Iola all have concentrations of fish, but certain areas are holding more of the better quality fish. Cycling through lures until you find one that the salmon react to is a must! Try some of Rocky Mountain Tackles squids or other assorted lures, they have some really hot baits that have been doing well!

7-26-2010 & 7-27-2010 Morrow Point: Overnight in the Black Canyon!

I had the Hasting family for two days on an over night Morrow Point fishing trip and it was quite an adventure! In one and a half days of hard core fishing we landed over sixty fish with a mixed bag of lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and lots of kokanee salmon!!! The four year old fish are looking very mature and healthy and a half dozen of these fish made an incredible camp out dinner on our overnight expedition. The Hastings did a great job making the most of every opportunity resulting in lots of fish and lots of fun!

7-25-2010 Blue Mesa Report: Still Fish to be had!

Today the MaGuire party joined me and the action was hot early! We had good half day with a suprise at the end! Fish can still be found from 25-45 feet with some coming from deeper. The hot color changes daily, even hourly so be ready to work! Deeper schools are starting to form so get ready for the best salmon fishing of the year! August is booking up fast so reserve your date today!!!

7-22-2010 Morrow Point Fishing Report: More Morrow Madness!

We fly fished, casted, and trolled today and all methods produced! The fishing has been great this year and there are no signs of the action slowing down!

7-21-2010 Morrow Point Fishing Report: Fishing is GOOD!

Morrow Point is still fishing great! Lots of action even with the change in weather.

7-18-2010 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Salmon Action Still Hot!!!!

The salmon action on Blue Mesa is still good and even exciting at times! Landed fourteen and lost about a dozen today, fished until 8:45 am. The action can be hot early if you are in the right location at the right depth, with the right lure! God blessed us with an incredible sunrise as well!!!

7-17-2010 Morrow Point Fishing Report: Another great day!

Morrow Point is producing a lot of great fishing lately! We had a great day today, limiting on salmon by 11:30 and trout by 2:00. We called it an early day after landing forty-three fish and these guys headed back to Oklahoma with a few for dinner!!!

7-16-2010 Blue Mesa Report: Checking Out New Waters

Went out with a few kokanee fanatics today to check out some new areas for upcoming fishing trips. The fishing was decent, but not red hot. Surface temperatures have risen a little recently and the salmon are starting to consistently move deeper. Starting to see the beggining stages of male salmon getting a hook jaw!

7-15-2010 Morrow Point Report: Fishing is still HOT!

Morrow Point is fishing the best it ever has for me in my five years of guiding down there! Salmon are biting and trout can be found too!

7-14-2010 Morrow Point Fishing Report: Nifty Fifty!

Some of my good friends from Montrose came up today with the goal of limiting four people out on salmon. It took a little while to figure out what the salmon wanted, but once we figured it out the action was HOT! We boated fifteen salmon in a little over an hour and then our boat started giving us trouble! After two hours of remedying the boat problem, we got back after the fishing and the bite was still on. We came very close to our goal with thirty-seven salmon and twenty trout boated for the day! Thanks for the patience guys and good work!

7-13-2010 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Options with Action!

Today started off a bit challenging as we lost the first six fish we had on, but ended up being a great day! We trolled until nine a.m. for salmon (we landed seven and lost thirteen) and then we decided to try a new challenge and jig for lake trout! We worked a lot of lake trout and saw some good acion at times! There are a lot of lake trout stacked up between 70-100 feet of water and some of them are prone to typical lake trout baits! It was a great day with a multitude of tecniques and tactics shown to this Louisiana crew!

7-12-2010 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Quick Morning Troll!

I was out on the water today for a half day trip and the action was pretty good! Ashton was the special guest today and she did awesome! We landed several big four year olds and had a few get off as well. The action is still good if you can figure out what the salmon want. Fish are holding in12-40 feet of water and the best color of lure changes daily. Good Luck!

7-11-2010 Morrow Point Fishing Report: Salmon Fishing is Good!
The salmon fishing continues to be great in Morrow Point this year! Starting to see some nice sized fish too! Forty fish landed today with about three quarters of them being salmon. Only kept some of the nicer fish for dinner today.

7-10-2010 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Shimano Crew!
Today I had the pleasure of taking Konrad Krauland of Power Pro fishing line and several of Shimano's top staff out. The fishing wasn't as hot as it was yesterday, but we still managed some good action at times! The lure that we couldn't keep the fish off of yesterday only caught one fish today. This is a perfect example of how picky these fish are and how important it is to change lures until you find something that works!

7-9-2010 Blue Mesa Report: Salmon Mahem!
The salmon fishing has been consistent and even excellent some days if you can keep up with the ever-changing lure demands of this unique species. Today we boated thirty six salmon and one little brown trout because we found the couple of lures that the salmon seemed to fancy for a good part of the day. Many fish were lost as well, which is always part of the game, but overall, my experienced crew stacked the odds in our favor. Fish are still holding in the same patterns as the last few weeks and those who work hard to figure these patterns out will be rewarded!

7-8-2010 11 Mile Report: Where did the Kokes Go?
Seems like the kokes are getting harder to find everyday. Where did they dissapear to? Only managed to catch 11 kokes and 6 off those are swimming free. Only color these fish liked today was red... Bows on the other hand are still hitting strong on a variety of lures and colors.. all fish caught today were at depths between 25' and 40'. Watch for evening storms and sever lightning; thats what chased us off early today. Tight Lines!

7-8-2010 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Fishing is good, how is life?!
Today I had the very special privelage of taking my good friends and clients for the last three years on a guided fishing trip! This trip was bitter sweet for me as one of these good friends has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and been given 6-8 months to live. It has been said that every day a man or woman spends fishing is not counted against their life by our God almighty. Whether this is true or not, today made me think about life and how short it really is. Psalm 39:5 says "You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Each man's life is but a breath." My friend is a fighter and I know that he will be just fine, but life is short and it is important to take adavantage of every opportunity/blessing that comes your way!

Fishing has been good early, but you have to take advantage of your opportunities!

7-7-2010 Blue Mesa Report: Salmon bite is still good!
The salmon on Blue Mesa are still consistently biting from 8-45 feet of water. Lure preference changes daily so make sure you cycle through your tackle box until you find the right combo. Water temps are in the low to mid 60's early and rise to the high 60's by afternoon. Temperatures have been a little chilly early and then warm up nicely as the sun comes up. Afternoon showers have been moving through with significant winds on some days. Go get em'!

7-6-2010 Eleven Mile Report: Still Decent Action!
Moon is still out and the fish are still hiding.  The fishing has once again slowed down some more and kokes are hard to find,  but George and I did all we could to get some fish in the boat today!  We fished for 2 hours before we even found the first school of kokes, THEY ARE DEEP!   Hot colors of the day were orange, rainbow and perch ... Rainbows are still active and willing to hit.... catch of the day was 26 bows caught and 22 released... 19 kokes caught and only 9 made it over the rail.... another few days and things should be back to normal.. so dont give up yet!

7-5-2010 Morrow Point Report: Kokanee fishing is good!
Today I had special guest Jayden and his relatives on the boat. Jayden was the superstar of the day landing most of our fish! At first he was a little intimidated by the fish, but by the end of the day he was handing me four year olds to fillet! The fishing has been consistently good on Morrow Point. Fish are following similar patterns to blue mesa fish.

7-3-2010 Morrow Point Report: The Salmon Fishing is on Fire!
The salmon fishing has consistently been very good this summer! Today we boated thirty salmon and had a lot get off as well. Twenty of our salmon were nice sized four year olds! We caught some trout too, but the salmon brought the excitement; ripping drag, jumping, and attempting to tangle lines!

7-2-2010 Morrow Point Double Boat Fishing Trip
Ryan Vanlannen and I had a double boat trip on Morrow Point today and the fishing was good! We were joined by Casey Gdowsky and Carl Turnipseed, two great kokanee fishermen from Blue Mesa, today and our hunt for kokanee was a success!

The fishing was pretty consistent throughout the day with a lot of nice four year old salmon landed and lost. The rain and clouds triggered the trout to move up shallow and feed and a lot of trout were landed as well! Overall, it was a great day of fishing with a lot of great guys!

7-1-2010 11 Mile Fishing Report: Still HOT!
The rainbow bite is still strong with a limit of 8 caught and over 35 bows released today. The kokanee bite has slowed a bit and they are hard to find with only 10 landed in the boat and a few lost at the boat.

The full moon has them hiding and within the next week or so we should start to see more salmon. Todays fish where caught between 20'-35' on the downrigger and 5-6 colors on the leadcore. The best colors of the day where orange and faded pink, with a few other colores catching a fish or 2 as well.