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Sport Fish Colorado, started by Robby Richardson in 2009, is your premier Colorado guided fishing company for trips on Blue Mesa, Antero, 11 Mile, Morrow Point and Pueblo Reservoirs!

Our guides have logged thousands of hours through the ice and on the water of these locations and are focused on and dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs and expectations of every client they come into contact with. They strive to build your confidence as an angler by teaching and putting into action the latest fishing techniques so that you can succeed and have fun using these techniques with us and on your own!

A full day typically consists of a six hour fishing trip on Blue Mesa, Antero, Pueblo, and 11 Mile reservoirs through the ice and on the open water, but can be modified to cater to whatever needs you might have so that you get the exact fishing trip you are looking for.

All of Sport Fish Colorado's experienced, qualified guides are CPR and First Aid certified and use the very best equipment available from our fine sponsors and supporters such as Shimano, Power Pro, and Eagle Claw, Trokar, Rocky Mountain Tackle, Blue Mesa Ranch, PK Lures, & Strikemaster. We offer most of our trips out of 18-21’ mid to deep v Lunds for your comfort and protection, but also have a pontoon boat available for bigger parties.

Community involvement is very important to us! We offer a 10% military discount to give back to those who support our country and also like to donate our time and resources to kids and special needs groups so please contact us for more information!

Give Sport Fish Colorado a call today (719) 649-3378 so that we can start planning a fishing trip that you’ll never forget!

Robby Richardson

Robby has been blessed with an intense passion for fishing and the outdoors since he was first able to walk. His grandpa and father were a big part of this. In 2005, Robby moved to Gunnison, Colorado where he began guiding fishing trips in 2006. He immediately took to the responsibility of helping people have fun catching fish and was blessed with the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the water during this time. In the fall of 2009 with the help of his family, mentors, and friends, Linnie and Konrad Krauland, he started Sport Fish Colorado.

He fishes several ice and open water tournaments across the state each year and has had many top five finishes highlighted by some firsts. Robby and his company have been a part of content featured in several publications including Sportsmans News and Rocky Mountain Game & Fish as well as a radio guest on Outdoors with Terry Wickstrom and “The Greatest Sports Show on Earth” with Jim Kerschner.  Between guided trips, sponsor trips, tournaments, scouting, and personal fishing days, Robby spends well over 200 days a year fishing with about 60 of those days being on the ice. 

Robby specializes in:
1. Kokanee Trolling/Jigging
2. Trophy Lake Trout
3. Cold/Warm Water Species Ice Fishing
4. Educational Seminars

Robby Richardson Colorado Fishing Guide

Seth Withrow

Seth Withrow was born in the beautiful state of Colorado and has been fishing for as long has he can remember! At the age of three, the pastor at his church would take him and his dad fishing at a small pond near Alamosa. When Seth was eight years old, his dad learned how to fly fish small streams, so consequently Seth began to fly fish. In high school, he had a good friend Courtney who introduced him to bass and walleye fishing. During the winters, Seth and Courtney would drive to lakes and look for open holes or carry rocks out on the ice to break holes open. This is when the love of ice fishing was born and Seth has been fishing every chance he gets since then.

He fishes twelve months a year from small streams, high mountain lakes, beaver ponds, to the largest lakes and reservoirs in the state. Seth has been known to hike 10 miles one way just to look at a fish he plans on catching someday. Seth can usually be found with his baby in a chest pack fishing the river, casting his enormous fly's at big pike, trolling for salmon, or staring down a hole in the ice waiting for the next big lake trout. Seth has a passion for teaching people how to fish old or young. He always enjoys taking somebody fishing for the first time.

Seth specializes in:
1. Kokanee Trolling/Jigging
2. Trophy Lake Trout
3. Cold/Warm Water Species Ice Fishing

Seth Withrow Sport Fish Colorado Guide

DJ Zimmerman

As a Colorado native, DJ Zimmerman has been obsessively fishing the state's waters for over 20 years chasing everything from colorful trout on gold metal waters to trophy mackinaw on Colorado's prestigious lakes. His passion for fishing started at such a young age his parents recall DJ being able to tie a lure on line, even before he was able to tie his own shoes. During most of the open water season you can probably find him perched on the bow of his boat chasing tail-walking trout with his fly rod or drifting Pueblo Reservoir looking for the subtle walleye bite. As for the winter, you'll be sure to see him drilling holes through the ice sight fishing for slab trout or staring at a Vexilar for the crappie bite.

To further his passion for the fishing experience, DJ spent a year fishing the open ocean and flats of Florida. Quickly adapting to the salt life he found himself addicted to the adrenaline thrills of kayak fishing the Atlantic seas and Florida flats hooked up to 100 plus pound tarpon and six foot blacktip sharks. Now back in Colorado, he has brought back new exciting techniques and presentations to make the Colorado fishing experience even more exciting.

DJ specializes in:
1. Pueblo Walleye
2. Spinney and Eleven Mile Trout and Pike

Dj Zimmerman Trophy Colorado Fishing Guide!

Dillon Matthews

Dillon has been living in Southern Colorado his entire life where he was introduced to fishing at a young age. Dillon first started out on a fly rod, fishing the Arkansas River with his grandpa. After falling in love with fishing, the sport quickly turned into a lifelong obsession. He began exploring different styles of fishing across the country which has given him the opportunity to catch a wide variety of fish. In 2000, Dillon was able to fish in Canada and set new personal records for trophy Walleye as well as Northern Pike. In 2011, Dillon won the Delany Buttes ice fishing contest, with a 26.5 inch Cuttbow that weighed 7 lbs. Shortly after, he was able to spend time on Lake Michigan were he caught several 20-25 pound King Salmon. The following year, he fished the waters of the Atlantic catching Bonnet Sharks, Red Drum, Sting Rays and even had several Black Fin Sharks break off!

There is nothing Dillon enjoys more than teaching someone, especially a kid, how to catch a fish and improve their techniques. Guiding has not only given him a new respect for fishing and the outdoors but has also given him a brighter outlook on life and the everyday challenges.

Dillon specializes in:
1. Trophy Trout through the Ice
2. Casting, Trolling and Fly Fishing South Park Trout

Dillon Matthews Colorado Ice Fishing Guide

Cody and Nanci Schiller

Cody was born and raised in Montrose, Colorado. Fishing had been a family tradition since early childhood. His passion to fish has evolved overtime, from childhood family fishing vacations and weekends to evening fly fishing on the Grand Mesa 2-3 times a week early during his marriage. It has now become a passion to fish at every opportunity. Cody's favorite location to fish has always been on Blue Mesa but he has fished many other lakes, streams and rivers in Colorado and Alaska. Cody's favorite species to target is salmon of any kind but he has fished for all local trout species! Though Cody loves to fish, he finds that teaching others to fish has become even more enjoyable! Cody's wife, Nanci, has become his favorite fishing companion!

Being born a "Navy Brat" is what drew Nanci to love the water! She was born in Oakland, California where she lived until her Dad was sent to Hawaii. They moved to Colorado when Nanci was 9 and she grew up mostly in Grand Junction. Luckily she met Cody, who loves to fish as well, and married him! Nanci has always loved the feel of the tug of the pole when you have a bite! Her favorite memory as a kid, was the booth at a carnival called "the fishing pond" where you hold a stick with a string and a clothespin on the other end, you then throw it over a sheet and the person on the other side tugs on the string after they have added a prize to it, which of course meant you had a "bite!" She also sold worms she had dug in the yard, on the side of the road, to passing anglers, $.50 per tub. Didn't get rich, but she has always loved anything to do with fish or the water. Now she enjoys watching people who have never fished, fish for the first time. Nanci loves helping them experience that thrill of the "tug" at the other end. She had never fished out of a boat until she met Cody. She's still trying to get him to fish the small streams with her, but finds something peaceful about being on a boat, that is, until that inevitable tug! 

Cody and Nanci specialize in:
1. Open Water Kokanee/Trout Trolling/Jigging
2. Ice Fishing for Kokanee/Trout

Cody and Nanci Schiller Colorado Fishing Guide

Connor Foy

Like most guides, Connor has been absolutely passionate about all things fishing since before he could remember. Growing up in Chicago that passion was sparked at a young age fishing with his dad and brothers. It started at the local neighborhood ponds and evolved rapidly from there. As he got older the passion grew stronger and he started exploring bigger bodies of water with his friends, he would routinely spend days on end fishing for an individual fish he had spotted earlier in the season. Nowadays he calls Colorado home but he has spent time all over the country and has been blessed with the opportunity to fish for almost everything that swims. From Tarpon in Florida to Muskie in Michigan, he loves it all. He spends most of his time in western Colorado guiding for Northern Pike and Lake Trout but loves to target Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Brown Trout almost as much. Over the years he has logged thousands of hours on his home waters and perfected his approach. He loves casting, trolling, jigging and fly fishing. When he is not chasing bites throughout the state he is selling fishing boats in Denver. He believes there is no better feeling than helping a youngster catch their first or biggest fish!

Connor specializes in:
1. Open Water Trophy Pike, Casting and Trolling
2. Western Colorado Trout, Bass and Walleye

Connor Foy Colorado Fishing Guide